Individuals – Anxiety/Depression

     In this fast paced world with lots of demands, people are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed.  For some, their anxiety and depression is about certain circumstances in their lives.  For others, being depressed and/or anxious has become a lifestyle — they are feeling it chronically.

     Anxiety and/or depression can show up at work, home, in your relationship, or with friends.  You may experience more feelings of anger, frustration, withdrawl, changes in appetite or sleep, or more use of substances or sex.  These are typical symptoms of anxiety and/or depression and should be checked out.  Being anxious or depressed is not a sign of weakness.  If you had a chronic headache, it would be an indication that something wasn’t right.  Anxiety and depression work the same way — they indicate that something in your life isn’t working as well as it could and it needs attention.

     Whether your depression and/or anxiety is chronic or situational, getting an understanding of it and getting perspective and strategies to alleviate it is important.  I work with clients on how they are thinking about their lives and what they can do to change and manage their feelings regarding certain situations they are faced with.

     Sometimes a referral to your medical doctor to inquire as to whether you are a candidate for medication is necessary.  This is something we will discuss together.  Some people are hesitant to use medications and others are fine.  This is a personal choice and we will talk about which option is best for you.