Individuals – Confidence

    Are you are missing out on the jobs you want, the friendships or relationships that you desire, or in avoiding problems or conflicts because of fear or anxiety?  You may be lacking the confidence in those areas of your life which may be leading to anger/resentment, anxiety or depression.

     Some people feel like they are living two lives — the one where people see you at work and they are happy to see you and the one where you go home and are feeling lonely because you don’t feel like you have the confidence to go out and date, have close friends,  or do things you enjoy?  You are definitely not alone.  You’d be surprised at the number of young men and women who are in this situation.

     Every single one of us has multiple stories about ourselves that we use in different situations.  In one area of our life, we may feel strong and confident because of how we see ourselves in that setting.  In another area, we may not feel as confident because our opinion of ourself is low and works against us.

     When I work with individuals at building confidence, we begin identifying then taking apart the old, inaccurate stories you have about yourself and replacing them with new ideas and behaviors that lead you to getting what you want to have.  I’ve seen it happen! People end up dating when they never thought it was possible, solving problems that were eating at them, or participating in life in a way they never knew they could.  People report back feeling much happier and more successful when they are more confident.