Couples – Communication

     One of the top reasons couples come to therapy is because, when asked why they are in therapy, they usually say, “we don’t communicate well”.  For some, talking becomes fighting and these arguments impact the climate at home and physical intimacy.  Couples want help to make the communication work better.

     Developing good communication skills happens with two parts: first, couples have to gain the skills that are necessary to manage the communication process.   Second, couples have to develop insight and understanding in how they and their partners are in relationship.  

     I help couples communicate by giving them the skills to talk more effectively with each other.  I guide them to practice and understand the skills of acceptance, understanding, managing, and negotiating.  

     As well, I give them insight into who they are and who their partner is and how to work with those dynamics in creating better communication.  Communication in a relationship is like both people talking the same language but different dialects.  I assist couples in understanding their own dialect while understanding the dialect of their partner.

     Better communication leads to happier, healthier relationships.