Couples – Anxiety/Depression

     Being in relationship with another can be one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences of one’s life.  Relationship/marriage can evoke a great sense of love and security.

     Simultaneously, even though there may be a lot of love in a relationship, sometimes people develop anxiety or depression because they may feel they are being taken advantage of or that their needs are somehow not being met.  This sometimes feels like anger or resentment.  These feelings can lead to distancing, poor communication, or decrease in intimacy in the relationship.

     I help couples alleviate these feelings by working with them to identify the patterns in the relationship that have developed that lead to one (or both) feeling anxious or depressed.  I then guide couples to implement new behaviors and perspectives which allow them to get their needs met and to deal with the anger/resentments that are creating the distancing.  

     Jealousy, for some people, also contributes to their anxiety/depression.  I work with couples in understanding the role and dynamics behind jealousy and give individuals strategies to manage their jealousy in ways that do not harm the relationship.