Couples – Personality Style

     Are you the type of person who loves being in a relationship and who enjoys planning things and doing things for others yet you find yourself getting angry because you don’t ask for much and when you do, you feel like the other person doesn’t provide it?   Are you a person who has an internal critic that drives you to be perfect yet judgmental of yourself and others?

     Do you enjoying being in charge, living your life with a lot of excitement and activity, and challenging people to build trust?  Is your passion sometimes mistaken for aggression?   

     Are success, money, and looking good to others important to you yet, leave you feeling bored, unsatisfied, empty, and not knowing yourself?  Do you long for unrequited love and find that when you are with someone, they never measure up to the ideal or that you are envious of the fact that others get what you do not?

     All of these represent traits of different personality styles.  An important piece of couples therapy is beginning to understand what your style is and how it works with your significant other.  Often understanding yourself and being understood by your partner changes the way in which each of you react to each other. 

     When I work with couples, I get to know each of you well so that I can provide you insight about who you are, why you do what you do, and give you strategies to enhance the interactions in your relationship.

     Couples therapy is not about getting the other person fixed.  It is about learning about yourself in relationship to the other person and making changes so that you can have the kind of relationship you want to have.