GLBTQ – Coming Out

     “Coming out” and accepting that you are GLBT happens at any stage of life.  I have seen people come out in their teens and others who finally accept it in their 50′s, 60′s, or 70′s.  For many, it is one of the biggest moments in their lives.  There is a mix of excitement and fear.   Individuals worry about how their family and friends will react.  Relationships change.  You begin to realize that your life is going to be different and your future isn’t how you once invisioned it.
     Having a healthy and supportive environment in which to “come out” is important.  It can offer you a place to talk about what you are going through when you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to.  It is a place where you can get perspective and strategies to deal with the emotions and changes in the family structure.  Most importantly, it is a place where you can learn to love and accept yourself as a GLBT individual and begin to create the life that you want to live!
     I work with adolescents and adults in dealing with the coming out process.  I help them get a healthy perspective about themselves, provide feedback and guidance about the feelings they are having and the reactions they are getting from others, and I share with them that their lives can be exactly what they want them to be  — loving, successful, surrounded by loved ones and peers.   I help them de-mystify the myth that being gay means living, “the gay lifestyle”. 
     Being LGBT means living a happier, healthier life because you are being true to yourself and no longer living in the fear, depression, and anxiety of hiding it.  It means that you are alive and deserve to be here and be loved!  Being gay is not about an act of sex!  It is about an emotional connection.  “Coming out” simply describes how you feel about yourself — can you love yourself as a GLBT individual?  How you live that life is then up to you.  ”It’s your life, live it well!”