GLBTQ – Families

     Accepting yourself as GLBTQ and coming out to your family and being accepted and embraced by your family is an important, huge step for GLBTQ individuals and there is a lot of risk involved.  It is also emotional for family members as well.

     I work with families or family members who are struggling with accepting a child or parent as being LGBTQ.  My experience is that most families want to accept and love their LGBTQ son/daughter/parent but fear or judgment gets in the way.  Anger and resentment also appears due to the fear or because individuals feel the family dynamic will change or that they have done something to make their child LGBTQ.  

     Grief is an important part of this work.  The grief is about dealing with your feelings and judgments about your GLBTQ loved one and about grieving the future — the plans, hopes, and dreams you had for your loved one (or yourself) probably look different now.  

     I provide structure, insight, and skills for anyone in a family who is struggling with having a child or a parent who is GLBTQ.  I help them understand what is getting in the way of loving and accepting their family member and with dealing with the legitimate feelings they are having knowing that their GLBTQ loved one might get hurt because of their sexual orientation.

     The loss of a loved one due to suicide because of the shame of being GLBTQ and the rejection they face from family/loved ones is much more painful and devastating than the work involved in accepting them and learning to understand and love them.  Our GLBTQ family members deserve our love.