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Phone: 206-325-4113

I have been in practice since 2000.  In my experience, clients come to me with questions about themselves and/or situations they find themselves in.   They often want ideas and strategies to help them with relationship dynamics, stressors in their life, and/or substance use/abuse concerns.  My style is inquisitive and interactive.  I share patterns, education, insights, and metaphor to assist clients.

I base my work on the following philosophies and practices:

 -- INSIGHT: I actively engage with clients in developing their insights to form strategies to reach their personal goals

 -- RESPECT: Clients come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. I don't judge where clients have been, rather, I work with them in support of  

     reaching the goals they have set for themselves

 -- DIGNITY: The experience of feeling welcome, valued, and accepted -- crucial for those who have experienced negative judgment from other professionals.

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