GLBTQ – Relationships/Intimacy

     Being in love and being in a relationship can be the most wonderful experience in the world and it causes pain and grief in the lives of the individuals in the couple.

     Relationships and intimacy are built on trust and respect.  Trust and respect  grows from what we say and how we act towards one-another.  I work with couples on understanding their interactions and the messages that are being exchanged as well as providing them with skills to improve their communication and interactions.  The goal of relationship counseling is to improve the relationship by understanding ourselves as individuals and making the necessary, healthy, appropriate changes to improve the relationship.  I help individuals in a couple sort these things out.

     For some couples, having an open relationship or considering an open relationship is an important dynamic that comes up either intentionally or by accident.  Polyamorous/open relationships are not for everyone!  They are definitely challenging and can end a relationship.  However, it is true that some couples manage them and find them to be very rich and rewarding.  If this is an issue/concern in your relationship, I work with couples on understanding the dynamics of polyamory/open relationships and work with them on making sure appropriate boundaries and guidelines are agreed upon and in place.  I help couples identify potential pitfalls and ensure that each individual in the relationship is open to this and not being coerced.