Individuals – Substance Use/Abuse

     What is an addiction?  An addiction is the use of  substance(s) and/or behavior(s) that negatively impact the quality or functioning of your life.  The obvious addictions are to alcohol, drugs, sex, and/or porn.  However, the use/abuse of anything can lead to addiction and have a negative impact on your life.

     I work with individuals in assessing the level and impact that their use/behaviors have in the functioning of their lives.  From there, I work with you to  establish your goals regarding decreasing or eliminating your use and improve the quality of your life.  I will provide you with insights and skills to more effectively manage the parts of your life that fuel the use/behaviors that negatively impact you.

     Don’t forego therapy because you think you are going to have to participate in a group or subscribe to some particular belief system you don’t subscribe to.  For some, doing this work individually is their goal.  For what ever reason, group process such as 12 Step isn’t desirable.  For others, individual work and support in a 12 Step program is important.  I am supportive of either direction.  What is most important is that you get the support you need and reach the goals you set and not whether you subscribe or disapprove to a particular perspective.  What will contribute to your success is your willingness to look at what is keeping problematic habits in your life and work at changing those.